Saturday, December 8, 2007

Tobacco Review: Samuel Gawith's Christmas Mixture 2007

I remember when this blend first was offered (2004 I believe) and the storm it created. Everyone wanted it and shortages ran amok. I seem to remember that it was only available in one pound bags and that I was unable to acquire any for the shoppe. Also, we sold clove cigarettes and the rumor spread that this blend was a clove pipe tobacco. In some ways, the buying frenzy of this blend corollated with the high demand of Opus X at the time.

Manufacturer's Description:
Blended Virginias to which have been added traditional festive flavours Cinnamon, Rum, Sherry & Cherry. SRP: $8.95 50gm

A distinct sweet cinnamon and clove aroma is present upon opening the tin; in fact it is highly flavored and the aroma is pervasive. The tobacco is moist and comprised of gold ribbon and crimp cuts that pack well and allow a slow burn. The tobacco burns well and combusts into a light mottled-gray ash. Initially, the cinnamon and rum comes through strongly and, as the bowl progresses, these flavors overpower the pallet and subside into a sweet, generic spice with a touch of clove. This blend is not hot - just spicy - and certainly reminds me of a Christmas flavor; in fact I swear that I tasted a hint of egg nog about midway through the pipe.

This blend reminds me of one of my blends at Just For Him: Cinnamon Cordial. Certainly SG's Christmas Mixture does not disappoint to remind the smoker of Christmas. This is a good holiday blend but I am not sure that I would smoke it any time during the rest of the year. I am curious about how this will age so I have included a tin in my cellar.

Rating: 4 Puffs out of 5

-Safari Bob

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