Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tobacco Review: Ashton Smooth Sailing

The latest Ashton blends came out in 2005, if I remember correctly, and replaced some great tobaccos that were reputedly tinned by McClelland (I still have several tins of Pebble Cut and Original Old Church that I covet). These new blends are, to me, a surprise (I particularly enjoy Winding Road) and over all I find them to be quite tasty. I can not remember who is currently blending these for Ashton and all that is found on the packaging is a cryptic: "Blended by hand in the European Union."

Manufacturer's Description:
Pleasurably palatable and wonderfully smooth, this aromatic mixture is slightly nutty, boasting flavors of maple, coconut and dark chocolate. SRP: $10.50 for 50 gm.

The dark chocolate and coconut are immediately evident when one opens the tin; it reminds me of a Mounds bar. The blend itself is an attractive mixture of black cavendish, brown ribbon, and gold flake cuts. The tobacco is on the dry side, easy to pack, and smells wonderful. It lights easily and burns into an ash that is darker gray with white speckles. The flavor is darker and less sweet than the aroma promises. Throughout the smoke the dark chocolate is present and builds as a subtle roasted nutty tone circles the edges. Overall, a surprisingly complex flavor that is not too sweet accompanies a clean burn and delicious room note that is a sure fire crowd pleaser.

This reminds me of a much more sophisticated Consolidated 333 or a lighter, more pleasant Mac Baren Honey Chocolate. It does burn a little quickly for my taste but I think that this is a good medium all day smoke for around the wife or relatives.

Rating: 3.5 Puffs out of 5

-Safari Bob

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