Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tales of Abject Horror - Happy Halloween!

Its 31 October and I am afraid. I am not terrified of ghosts, goblins, or rampaging hoardes of Uri Gellher fans but rather the implications of what CNN is reporting: "Some Christian congregations, particularly in lower income, urban areas, are turning to an unlikely source for help -- the Church of Scientology" [1].

Good Lord and butter! The implications could truly be dire! What would happen if Pentecostalism formed an unholy alliance with Tom Cruise and his band of militant scientologists? How would 'evanglism' evolve with the perfect storm convergence of the passion and tactics employed by either group in gaining converts? How would this influence the construct of 'creationism' and pseudoscience in the science classroom? Alien visitations and Intelligent Design united to reify the Star Trek mythos of 'galactic seeding' as not only alternative evolutionary theory but also church dogma!

Oooh... Scary....

I can't wait for my copy of the Bonded Leather Deluxe Thompson Chain Reference The Chariots of the Gods (red letter edition). I wonder how this will reinterpret the famous devotional My Utmost for His Highest?

-Safari Bob


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