Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tobacco Review: Planta MMVII

I have little experience with the Planta Tobacco line other than the Original Danish Black Vanilla Mixture (I love the pipe rest in the top of the tin). I can find little on this company other than it is manufactured in Germany. When I was at Just For Him, we did not carry this line although I can not remember why.

Manufacturer's Description:
An all black tobacco with essence of Blueberry, smells like blueberries in the tin and leaves a blueberry scent in the air afterwards. MSRP: $25 100 gm tin.

As one opens the tin, an aroma of blueberries is immediately noticeable. The tobacco is a black cavendish cut, drier than I like, and packs easily. Upon the initial light, the aroma and flavor of blueberries is unmistakeable and soon fills the room with a sweet smell of waffles - a sure fire crowd pleaser. The bowl does proceed quickly and the flavor, though sweet, does burn hot and unpleasant. One is left with a sweet aftertase but the pleasure is blunted by the distinguished sting left by the raging inferno. I did enjoy this blend but only after adding some Lane BCA to cool the fevered flavor.

This is the kind of blend that is best relegated to the status of a gift. The tin is beautiful and the aroma is wonderful. Unfortunately, the tobacco is too hot on the palate to smoke straight. If you are gifted a tin of Planta MMVII, add some BCA, sit back, and enjoy.

Rating: 1 Puff out of 5

-Safari Bob


  1. Another great review. Thanks, Bob.

  2. I would like to see some of your reviews of the house blends at

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