Friday, November 23, 2007

Tobacco Review: Orlik Golden Sliced

This morning I finally got around to trying Orlik Golden Sliced tobacco. In 2002, Peter Stokkebbye visited our shop to give a presentation on his tobaccos. As we were chatting afterwards, I asked Peter what his favorite tobacco. He responded by producing a half-empty tin of Orlik, rolling a slice into a ball, stuffing it into his pipe, and lighting up! I ordered some for the shop but I never got around to trying it.

Here is the Manufacturer Description:

This delightful blend is composed of golden and full body Virginia tobaccos with a touch of Burley. A fine natural sweetness in both taste and aroma characterizes Orlik Golden Sliced. The cut is traditional Navy Cut Flake i. e. pressed tobacco and cut into thin slices. Rub the tobacco slices gently before filling your pipe. Made in Denmark.


The tobacco is a gold navy cut slice and smells sweet out of the tin. I do not "rub-out" my flakes to smoke the tobacco; I fold and twist. The tobacco is moist (as I like) and burns easily and slowly. I enjoy Virginias and this blend does not disappoint! I sense no hints of "straw" or hay but a nice sweetness with a subtle lemon and a touch of anise. It burns well and clean leaving a mottled light to dark gray ash. The aroma is pleasant and subtle without being "perfumey." After the initial light, I have not had to re-light even once all they way to the bottom.

If you enjoy Virginia Navy Flakes I would recommend this blend for you. So if you like Peterson University or Dunhill Light Flake then this blend is for you!

Rating: 4 Puffs out of 5

-Safari Bob


  1. Hello Bob.

    Nice blog. Go on !

    I've a french pipe smoking blog:

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  2. Hmmm...I have never had the experience of smoking an entire bowl without a relight (especially flakes). Sigh. Maybe one day I'll learn the secret.

    OGS is good stuff, I agree.

  3. HA, I too have never had a bowl without a relight. Oh well, I'll have to try Golden Sliced, I sure do love their Dark Strong Kentucky!

  4. Bob, thanks for the review. This is a tobacco I've wanted to try for a long time. I should order a couple tins for the cellar. Based on your review, I believe I'll do just that!

  5. As I said I would, I bought a tin of this, here's a cut and paste of my comments about it on GFO:

    I was over at Safari Bob's blog the other day - he's a member here - and I read his review on Orlik Golden Sliced. I commented that I was going to order some for the cellar. Well, it never made it to the cellar. I popped the tin today and as I type this, I'm on my second bowl. Like Bob, I'd been meaning to try this flake too, and Bob's review at his blog got me out of "some day" mode.

    Just as in the story Bob related about Peter Stokkebye, I rolled a flake into a ball and stuffed it in my pipe. What was good for Mr. Stokkebye is good enough for me. I always rub out flakes anyway. I lit it up with two long, slow draws, set down the Old Boy, and never picked it up again until I lit the bowl I'm on now. That's a rarity for me, I'm not a disciplined smoker, and relights are a integral part of my hobby.

    This blend almost smokes itself. Big billowing clouds of tastey, naturally sweet smoke. Its fairly basic golden Virginia taste profile, but its so well-behaved. No pain whatsoever. I've been looking for a blend with this type of Virginia flavor that doesn't leave the tongue feeling a burnt tire and here it is.

    Thanks Bob for your review. You've very likely led me to another staple in my rotation.

  6. smokingarea:Thanks for the plug (no pun intended). Orlik Golden Sliced sure is tasty and I am smoking myself out; I will be ordering more soon. has it for around $5 for a 50gm tin!

  7. Orlik Golden Slices is wonderful blend of golden and full body Virginia tobaccos. It has a stroke of a fine natural sweetness in taste. Rub the tobacco slices smoothly before filling your pipe.